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Adding Area(s)

Mar 14, 2013 at 4:53 PM
So I am looking at adding areas (bound by Geo-coordinates) so that when a user is identified as being "inside" an area, ARItems will show up, then when the user moves out of the area, those items will be removed. I want to be able to detect when user(s) enter / leave an area.

My idea is to have ARAreas defined, each with it's own set of ARItems, then in the ARDisplay loop through ARAreas and check if a user is within a specific coordinate range, or write a query that would return areas that are nearby.. For now I just want to statically add a few areas, would be pulling these values from a site eventually. If a user is within an ARArea then those area's ARItems would become available. Outside of the Area they wouldn't appear, but from the Map View the specific Area's and coordinate boundaries would appear as an overlay.

Also considering how to display ARItems based on Geo-coordinate, and direction.. (So you can see a ARItem only based on certain vectors / distance so the application can correctly operate on lines of sight, and the relative size of the ARItem.