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GART on WinRT and Windows 8 devices

Sep 3, 2013 at 11:17 AM
Edited Sep 3, 2013 at 1:56 PM
I am opening this thread to confirm that there is no way GART framework on Windows 8 or WinRT devices can succesfully compute the orientation matrix and attitude Heading using the OrientationSensor => Acceloremeter + Compass.

All the WINRT related checkins are speculative, we have been testing primitive GART on 8 different WinRT and Windows 8 devices including Surface Pro, RT, Sony, Samsung, etc...
None of them managed to align with the current position and orientation correctly. There is
absolutely no way to make it work on WinRT and Windows 8 devices, the sensors are calibrating all differently and all readings of yaw, pitch and roll are incorrect.

Whoever is responsible to produce the WINRT version of this framework, I am just wondering why they forget to mention the fact that it is totally not working.

Speculative chekins related to WINRT,

This tool is not working on Windows 8 and WinRT devices, and this is a fact based on the incorrectly calculated ViewPort, WorldView and AttitudeHeading readings and sensor calibration problems of all WinRT or Windows 8 devices
Sep 4, 2013 at 9:20 PM
Hi there,
Thanks or the update.

I don't have a Win8 device to verify your issues, but from your post I assume you have problems with the following:
  1. position
  2. attitude / yaw, pitch, roll reading.
@1. As for the position I am not aware of any problems other than the precision of reading. You can verify that using for example map. Is you position on Map app correct, but not in GART?

@2. In WP7 and WP8 the yaw/pitch/roll reading were "correct" only if the device was in portrait orientation. For the landscape mode, the problem of computing attitude was more complex (all three axis were affected by any movement, hence the illusion of weird readings), so a change was made to use compass instead: this.AttitudeHeading = e.SensorReading.TrueHeading; I suggest you try the same approach (will require some coding on your side). One thing to keep in mind when using compass. The device may need calibration - this feature is currently not supported in GART.

I also suggest you have look at the following blog: which shows a working example of GART and Windows 8 (source code available as well).

Let me know if you managed to make some improvements.
Also don't hesitate to post screenshots showing issues you hit when using GART.